Policy Scholarship Recipients

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  • Name: Kosar Jahani

    Recipient Year: 2010

    Major: Southwest Asia and Islamic Civilization; International Political Economy

    School Name: Tufts University

    Sponsor: Islamic Cultural Center of Northern California (ICCNC) Scholarship

  • Name: Sabeeh Jameel

    Recipient Year: 2015

    Major: International Affairs

    School Name: Columbia University

    Sponsor: ISF

  • Name: Wasiq Javed

    Recipient Year: 2020

    Major: Political Science

    School Name: University of Houston

    Sponsor: Afzal Family Foundation

  • Name: Walaa Jumma

    Recipient Year: 2020

    Major: Public Policy; International Social Justice/Administration(Minor)

    School Name: University of Chicago

    Sponsor: Syed Shaukat Husain Memorial Scholarship

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