Fund a student, future lawyer, journalist, or filmmaker changing the status quo and improving public policy and opinion about Muslims. Help us increase representation where it matters most.

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Our Programs

Through our Scholarship Program, Film Grant, Congressional Policy Internship, and Congressional Policy Fellowship, ISF is increasing representation where it matters most.

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Our Impact

Since 2009 we've awarded $1.5 million in scholarships and grants and have helped place American Muslim scholars in positions that impact public policy and opinion in media, film, law, government, and more.


Get Involved

Join the ISF family and help us build a world where race, culture, and religion are no longer barriers to equity and equality. Create your own scholarship, donate monthly, become a Peer2Peer mentor, or join our Sustainers Circle.

Our Cycle of Support

ISF's Cycle of Support begins by awarding scholarships to accomplished undergraduate students and graduate-level scholars pursuing master's, PhDs, or law degrees. From there, we offer prestigious internships and fellowships, accompanied by peer-to-peer mentorship support and networking opportunities. Our Cycle of Support and incubator model has yielded tremendous results over the past 12 years.

Our Mission

ISF increases American Muslim representation in media and government to improve public policy and public opinion. We believe that the interests of our community can only be protected if we have a seat at the table. 


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"By building a network of Muslim American professionals through ISF, we are
expanding our ability as a faith community to actualize our collective potential."

Afraz Khan
2016 Scholarship Recipient

"We need many more American Muslims who are devoted to careers in social justice. ISF is one of the few organizations supporting this agenda"

Dr. Maha Hilal
2012 Scholarship Recipient

"It is important that we step up to the plate and
take control of our narrative or someone else will."

Mohammed Fazeel
2017 Film Grant Recipient


Join the ISF family in changing the narrative and
empowering American Muslims to tell our own stories.

Our Program Fields

Fatoumata Waggeh (2)

Scholarship application opens November 2021

Ali Kareem. Film

Film Grant application is now open through June 21, 2021

Sahar Jahani. Media (1)

Scholarship application opens November 2021

sorayah. Public Policy (1)

Policy Internship & Fellowship applications open November 2021

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