ISF is leading the way in placing American Muslims in positions that matter in the fields of policy/government, law, film, and media/journalism. Through our comprehensive Cycle of Support, we offer a unique incubator model that provides funding, mentorship, and career counseling, as well as real-world, professional experience through internships and fellowships in our four fields.

Our Mission

ISF increases American Muslim representation in media and government to improve public policy and public opinion. We believe that the interests of our community can only be protected if we are part of the policy-making process. ISF scholars and alumni across the country and world are ensuring our voices are heard.


Faroukh Amin Virani

2013 Film Grantee

Aisha-Iqbal-Policy - 1000

Aisha Iqbal

2019 Public Policy Scholar

Our Vision

We envision a society where religion, culture, and race are not barriers to equity and equality, where all people are treated with dignity and respect and the voice of every citizen plays an integral role in creating inclusive communities that encourage participation by all.


Our Impact

The Islamic Scholarship Fund has served the American Muslim community for over a decade. The work of our scholars and alumni spans the fields of media, journalism, film, law, and public policy. We are incredibly grateful to our supporters who are making this important work possible.

$3.06 Million in Awards

75% of ISF Alumni Working in ISF-Related Fields

574+ Scholarships & Grants

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