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  • Name: Walaa Jumma

    Recipient Year: 2020

    Major: Public Policy; International Social Justice/Administration(Minor)

    Description: Walaa Jumma holds a master's degree from the University of Chicago, where she pursued studies in Social Work, Social Policy, and a Specialization in Global Social Development. She also completed a yearlong graduate field training at the United States Commission on Civil Rights (U.S.C.C.R). On a grander scale, Walaa has researched & written about the social construction of race, islamophobia, civil right discrimination in fair housing, immigration & refugee policy, and anti-Muslim legislation under Trump’s administration. In her more recent work, Walaa has led workshops on refugee resettlement policy, and grassroot refugee advocacy, written papers & given presentations on legalized forms of islamophobia, and most recently have facilitated and planned three federal civil right hearings for the state of Pennsylvania on fair housing and zoning practices. Walaa hopes to continue her professional work in advocating for refugee resettlement policy & service reform

    School Name: University of Chicago

    Sponsor: Syed Shaukat Husain Memorial Scholarship

    LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/walaaj/

    Recipient Type: Scholarship Recipient