The Impact of ISF

The Islamic Scholarship Fund empowers American Muslim leaders in policy, law, media, and film to create a world where race, religion, gender, and socioeconomic status are no longer barriers to equity and equality. ISF scholars are agents of change at the epicenters of institutions that impact public opinion and policy.

A registered U.S.-based nonprofit, ISF increases American Muslim presence in policy, law, and media positions that matter and provide a comprehensive pathway for students and professionals to impact public policy and public opinion. Since 2009 we have awarded $1.5 million to 400+ American Muslims pursuing degrees and careers in human rights, journalism, government, criminal justice, and more. Our changemakers are at the forefront of policymaking, public interest law, and advocacy efforts focused on achieving social and racial justice and creating a more equitable world for all.

Our recipients work in areas & organizations such as:

Marya Bangee

2013 Media Scholar

Human Rights Watch

United Nations

Al Jazeera English

CBS News


Now This


NBC News





News Hour

ABC News


MPower Change


U.S. Government

Our Accomplishments

Since 2009 ISF scholars have:
Generated 2500+ Articles

Generated 2500+ Articles

Generated 2500+ Articles

Made 1200+ Media Appearances

Generated 2500+ Articles

Produced 130+ films watched by 3million +viewers

Obtained 44 Law Degrees

Given 10,200+ Lectures

Obtained 44 Law Degrees

Obtained 44 Law Degrees

Obtained 44 Law Degrees

Earned 115 Masters Degrees

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