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  • Name: Abrar Omeish

    Recipient Year: 2016|2022

    Major: Dual MPP/Law & Political Science

    Description: Abrar Omeish has served as a School Board Member At-Large in Fairfax County, overseeing a three billion dollar budget for 1.2 million constituents of the nation’s tenth largest school division right outside of Washington, DC. She is the first Libyan ever elected in US history and the first Muslim and youngest ever elected in her role, earning over 161,000 votes. Abrar co-founded an organization providing thousands of underprivileged youth with free tutoring and mentorship in 20 locations over the past ten years. Abrar served as a legal fellow at a human rights and immigration law firm in Northern Virginia and has been a spokeswoman for the #NoMuslimBanEver campaign. Abrar was also a Virginia Co-Chair for the Bernie Sanders campaign and a Virginia PLEO and Rules Committee member to the Democratic National Convention. She holds a double bachelors with honors from Yale University and graduated with a dual MPP/JD degree as a Blume fellow at Georgetown in 2023.

    School Name: Yale University

    Sponsor: Safia Noor Memorial Scholarship|Ayub Kundi Memorial Fund|Fikry and Dorria Fahmy Scholarship|Afshin Riaz Future Leaders Scholarship

    LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/abrar-omeish-2b561147/