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  • Name: Raza Naqvi

    Recipient Year: 2014

    Major: Journalism

    Description: Raza Naqvi has been a TV producer, reporter, and host with the Voice of America (VOA) and has held roles at Vox and VICE Media . His work has appeared on Pakistan’s Geo News, HUM TV, and Express 24/7. He also reported for CNN and The Washington Times. Much of his reporting has focused on the Muslim-American experience–from interviewing Donald Rumsfeld on the impact of America’s foreign policy after 9/11, to a documentary about a Muslim rapper from Detroit. He has hosted a current affairs talk show connecting opinion makers from the US and Pakistan, and created a weekly infotainment program covering everything from domestic violence to zombies. Naqvi graduated from Ohio Wesleyan University, and is completed his graduate-level studies at the Columbia Journalism School. He hopes to continue covering the Muslim-American community, particularly through the documentary film medium. Time permitting, he also hopes to revive his cricket blog.

    School Name: Columbia University

    Sponsor: Waqar & Farrukh Jaffery Scholarship in Journalism

    LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rsnaqvi/