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  • Name: Nirav Bhardwaj

    Recipient Year: 2020

    Major: Law

    Description: Nirav Bhardwaj is a 2020 ISF Law Scholar who is a graduate of UC Davis School of Law. Nirav received both his Master of Arts in Islamic Text Studies/Islamic Law and Bachelor of Arts in Islamic Law and Theology from Zaytuna College. His undergraduate and master’s theses focused on contemporary Islamic thought related to Islamic law and the field’s metaphysical foundations, respectively. Among Nirav’s honors and awards include graduating Magna Cum Laude and receiving the Dean’s Merit Scholarship, Makhraj Endowment Fund Scholarship, and the Chancellor’s Award of Distinction. His professional and internship experiences include working as an analyst for the Capital Group and a Corporate Accounting Intern for Broadcom, Inc.

    School Name: UC Davis

    Sponsor: Makhraj Endowment Fund Scholarship

    LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nirav-bhardwaj-aa12a1b0/