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  • Name: Sarah Masoud

    Recipient Year: 2018

    Major: International Affairs

    Description: Sarah Masoud is an intersectional activist, feminist and refugee advocate. She was born and raised in the Bay Area but moved to St. Louis, Missouri 3 years ago. She received her BA in International Studies with an emphasis in Peace & Conflict, and a minor in Middle Eastern Studies from the University of San Francisco. She will now go on to study International Affairs at Washington University, St. Louis. She has organized a multitude of fundraisers and protests and strongly believes these are the avenues in which Muslim Americans need to utilize and unite under. Since her first trip to a refugee camp in Jenin Palestine, her passion for working with refugees has only increased. She wants to become a leader at the forefront of normalizing refugee issues and creating more sustainable and integrated communities for them. She currently works as an Eligibility and Compliance Specialist at the International Institute, approving and administering refugee cash assistance and training other refugee agencies in Missouri.

    School Name: Washington University in St. Louis

    Sponsor: International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT) Scholarship

    LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sarahmasoud/

    Recipient Type: Scholarship Recipient