Policy Scholar Directory

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  • Name: Milad Odabaei

    Recipient Year: 2016

    Major: Anthropology

    School Name: University of California, Berkeley

    Sponsor: ISF-South Bay Islamic Association

  • Name: Gerald Oliver

    Recipient Year: 2016

    Major: Non-Profit Management

    School Name: University of Texas at Austin

    Sponsor: ISF Scholarship

  • Name: Nimo Omar

    Recipient Year: 2020

    Major: Public Policy

    School Name: St Catherine's University

    Sponsor: Ghulam and Arifa Azad Family Scholarship

  • Name: Abrar Omeish

    Recipient Year: 2016

    Major: Political Science

    School Name: Yale University

    Sponsor: ISF-Fikry and Dorria Fahmy Scholarship

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