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  • Name: Asad Dandia

    Recipient Year: 2017|2018

    Major: Near (Middle) Eastern Studies

    School Name: New York University

    Sponsor: Afzal Family Foundation|Batool Javidan Memorial Scholarship

  • Name: Lena Diasti

    Recipient Year: 2021

    Major: Fundamentals: Issues & Texts, Human Rights x Data Science

    School Name: The University of Chicago

    Sponsor: Andrea Annaba Memorial Scholarship

  • Name: Nabintou Doumbia

    Recipient Year: 2017

    Major: Sociology

    School Name: Wayne State University

    Sponsor: Afzal Family Foundation

  • Name: Claire Downing

    Recipient Year: 2018

    Major: Conflict Analysis and Resolution

    School Name: George Mason University

    Sponsor: Aisha Yaqoob Courage & Leadership Scholarship

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