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Shape A Brighter Future For Muslim Leadership

ISF is devoted to elevating American Muslim representation within the fields of public interest law, public policy, media, and film. To achieve this, we provide financial aid and professional mentorship for Muslims pursuing higher education in these vital sectors.

As the demand for help continues to rise, your commitment to monthly giving will impact the lives of future Muslim leaders by providing access to valuable mentorship and professional guidance, creating a sustainable cycle of growth and success for the Muslim community.

Why monthly giving?

Consistent Impact

Your monthly donation provides steady funding to empower and support Muslims in their professional journeys.

Budget Friendly

Spread your giving throughout the year, making it more manageable and stress-free.

Easy and Flexible

Set up your monthly donation in just a few clicks and adjust your commitment at any time.

 Impact of your support

Awarded $2.35 Million in 586 prestigious awards to over 515
American Muslims since 2009.

Supported 104 law students 65 of whom are practicing attorneys bringing justice to communities across the nation.

Financed 199 Muslim filmmakers and produced 200+ powerful films that have been watched by millions of viewers.

Alums have generated 5,000+ articles shedding light on crucial issues that impact marginalized communities.

ISF Alumni are dedicatedwith 75% of our scholars working in their field of study.

Empowered 163 Law and Policy Alumni 30% of whom are working in government with 5 serving as elected officials.

Multiply Your Blessings

Become a monthly donor and ensure that our impact continues all year round.

Cycle of Support

How Your Monthly Donation Makes A Difference

Monthly donations enable ISF to provide a holistic approach to empowering Muslims throughout their academic and professional journeys.

ISF's Cycle begins by providing financial support to help students overcome the barriers to accessing higher education in law, media, film, and public policy.

But your support doesn't end with a scholarship - 

Monthly donations enable ISF to provide students with ongoing mentorship and networking opportunities to help them excel in their chosen fields. Our goal is to create a pipeline of diverse talent that can challenge harmful stereotypes and biases, and work towards a more equitable society.

With your ongoing commitment, you can provide Muslims with the tools and resources they need to challenge harmful stereotypes and biases, and create a more inclusive and equitable society. By investing in our young leaders, we can unlock the power of our community and make our voices heard.

A path to progress



Our scholarships provide financial support and encouragement that helps students overcome barriers to accessing higher education.

Through our scholarships, we are helping promote diversity and inclusion in fields where Muslim voices are underrepresented.


Our programs bridge the gap between education and the professional workforce, connecting Muslims with the opportunities, tools, people, and resources they need to be social justice leaders.


We provide ongoing development and networking opportunities for our alums, so they can continue to excel in their fields.

Our long-term support enables more American Muslims to achieve their full potential and make a positive impact in the world.


" That the most beloved deed to Allah is that which is done regularly, even if it is small."