Scholarships In Memory And Honor Of ISF Supporters

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Your scholarship at the Islamic Scholarship Fund empowers the next generation of American Muslim leaders to create a world where justice, equity, and equality are available to all. Learn more about your sponsored students below. We, and they, thank you for your support. Since 2009 ISF has funded American Muslim scholars studying and working in fields with the greatest impact on public opinion and public policy: law, media/journalism, film, and policy/government. Our goal: to improve negative portrayals of Muslims in the news, increase the number of Muslim policymakers, and invest in the creation of positive and engaging stories about American Muslims.

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Learn more about our flagship Scholarship Program:

Aisha Yaqoob Courage & Leadership Scholarship

Claire Downing - Public Policy (1)

Aron Kader Scholarship

Zuleqa Husain. Media (1)

Aslan Media Scholarship

Rania Mustafa (1)

Dr. Jack Shaheen Memorial Scholarship

Mohannad Ghawanmeh

Representative Rashida Tlaib Courage and Leadership Scholarship

Sarah Farouq

Representative Ilhan Omar Scholarship


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Because of your previous support, your sponsored students received the foundation needed to achieve academically and professionally, increasing American Muslim presence and impacting public policy and opinion where it matters most. Please consider renewing your sponsorship to further that impact. Schedule a call with ISF Director Somayeh Nikooei, renew your sponsorship today, or learn more about ISF's Create Your Own Scholarship Program. Thank you!

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