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  • Name: Nebal Abu Abdo

    Recipient Year: 2019

    Major: Ethics, Peace, and Human Rights

    Bio: Nebal Abu Abdo, is about to begin her first year of her Master’s program in Ethics, Peace, and Human Rights at American University. Nebal is dedicated and is passionate about social justice. Her passion developed from her Palestinian immigrant parents who have taught her the importance of fighting for equal rights for Muslims, and people who come from minoritized populations.  Her passion for social justice inspired her to not only to get into the Political Science field, but also to help bridge the gap through the scholarly perspective, when looking at identity politics. Through the Obama Foundation, Nebal was able to receive training’s on how to collaborate with community members to help make a positive impact in the surrounding community that each person is part of. Nebal was part of a group of students who led an initiative to help bring change on their college campus to create a more diverse and inclusive environment. 

    School Name: American University

    Sponsor: ISF-Amana Mutual Fund