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Sponsor one of the first ISF Judicial Interns and impact the career trajectory of the next generation of American Muslim attorneys and judges.

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ISF's new Judicial Internship Program provides highly qualified law students with internships/externships in the chambers of federal district judges, federal and state appellate judges, and federal magistrate judges. The goal of the program is to increase the presence of American Muslims in the field of law and provide the experience and mentorship needed for law students to launch successful careers as public interest attorneys, law clerks, and judges.

This unique program provides a pipeline for American Muslim students that starts in law school, continues with an impactful internship, and ends with students better prepared to achieve the career of their dreams.


The ISF Judicial Internship Program is an 8-week internship/externship program in Spring, Summer, or Fall for L1. The program provides the unique experience working alongside staff, law clerks, and the judge inside the judge's chambers and counts toward law school credit. Interns will have the opportunity to practice the following:

  • Draft bench memoranda, judicial orders, and opinions on a variety of substantive matters
  • Craft motions to dismiss, motions for summary judgment, magistrate judge reports, and habeas corpus petitions
  • Attend trials and court hearings
  • Observe the day-to-day work environment of judges and their staff
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Your sponsorship is more than financial support. It provides the foundation for law students to go on to become law clerks, public interest attorneys, or judges themselves. Your support moves our country forward by placing American Muslims in positions that matter.



Sponsoring an ISF Judicial Intern paves the way for the next generation of American Muslim legal professionals and helps ISF accomplish the following critical goals:

  • Increase American Muslim presence in the field of law
  • Fund the next generation of American Muslim leaders
  • Provide a law student with real-world experience in law
  • Deepen the passion of justice-minded Muslims who want to effect lasting change
  • Create a better world for our children and generations to come


1. Contact Somayeh Nikooei, ISF Director, at SNikooei@IslamicScholarshipFund.org about your interest in sponsorship. You can also schedule an appointment via the Schedule button below. If you would like to name your sponsorship after a mentor, judge, attorney, or someone else important in your life, please share that information during your call with ISF's Director.

2. Choose to mail a check with your full or partial sponsorship to:

Islamic Scholarship Fund
ATTN: Somayeh Nikooei
1935 Addison Street, Suite A
Berkeley, CA 94704

3. If you'd rather not mail a check, please follow the Get Started button below to pay with debit or credit card via ISF's Sponsorship Form.

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