ISF ALUMNI: 2009-2022

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  • Name: Musab Abdalla

    Recipient Type: Scholarship Recipient

    Recipient Year: 2012

    School Name: Zaytuna College

    Major: Islamic Law and Theology

    Description: Mus’ab Abdalla is a second year student at the emerging Zaytuna College. After completing his secondary education in 2010, Mus’ab went on to seek a path of enlightenment through the tutelage of the prestigious Muslim scholars of his contemporary time.Born in Yemen and later emigrating to California in the late 90′s, Mus’ab became fluent in the Arabic language and conversant with aspects of Arab tradition. Mus’ab works with the youth by providing gratis seminars on various topics from Islamic viewpoints to prophetic accounts. Mus’ab’s major is Islamic law and theology, but beyond the degree, Mus’ab seeks to make a positive difference, even if it may be wee.UPDATEMus’ab is the Imam at the Islamic Center of Santa Barbara.

    Sponsor: Zaytuna Scholarship