Islamic Scholarship Fund

2022 Annual Banquet



For check donations, please make your check payable to ISF and send to:

1935 Addison St Suite A, Berkeley, CA, 94704

To give a gift, text "ISFDONATE" to 40691.

Your gifts are both tax deductible and zakat eligible!

For financial information, check out our 2021 Annual Report

Your donation ensures we continue increasing American Muslim representation by providing:

  • Academic Scholarships
  • Congressional Fellowships and Internships
  • Judicial Internships
  • Writers' Lab
  • Film Grants
  • Artist Support

ISF Alumni Generated 2500+ Articles

Made 1200 + Media Appearances

Produced 160+ Films Watched by millions of viewers

Given 10,200 + Lectures

$2.2  Million Awarded

ISF Supported 75 Law Students and 65 Are Attorneys

Alumni row

Why We Focus on Our Program Areas


Only 1.1% of the characters portrayed in the 100 top US films from 2017-2019 were Muslim


40% of US population are people of color, but only 10% of associated attorneys are people of color


In local TV news, only 26.6% are people of color and a significantly lower percentage are Muslim


An estimated 1-3% of the US population is Muslim, but only 0.5% of members of Congress are Muslim

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