Policy Scholarship Recipients

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  • Name: Amal Ali

    Recipient Year: 2023

    Major: Political Science and Leadership Studies

    Description: Salaams! My name is Amal and I am a BA candidate at the University of Richmond. I am a double major in political science and leadership studies with a minor in health studies. On campus, I am involved in student government, a social justice publication called Counterculture Magazine, and Disability Student Ambassadors. I also work for my school's Student Center for Equity and Inclusion. My interests in policy center around health policy and social welfare policy, and inshallah, I would love to become a policy advisor in the future. I am aiming to pursue a master's degree in public policy after finishing my undergraduate degree.

    School Name: University of Richmond

    Sponsor: Zehra Attari Memorial Scholarship

    LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/amal-ali-244171231/

    Recipient Type: Scholarship Recipient