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  • Name: Aminah Mabruk

    Recipient Year: 2022

    Major: Sociology

    Description: Salaam! I'm a PhD student in sociology whose interests center on health/health disparities as well as racial, ethnic, and religious inequality, with a focus on interrogating Islamophobia and the consequences of such discrimination on various outcomes such as health and well-being. I'm originally from Austin, Texas, but have found Seattle to be a great place to live, particularly with the help of family nearby, the amazing connections I made on and off campus, and of course, my cat Toulouse. Please feel free to contact me at amabruk@uw.edu.

    School Name: University of Washington

    Sponsor: ISF

    LinkedIn Profile: https://soc.washington.edu/people/aminah-mabruk

    Recipient Type: Scholarship Recipient