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  • Name: Humna Rub

    Recipient Year: 2019|2020

    Major: International Affairs

    Description: Humna Rub majored in International Studies and minored in Law and Public Policy at Arcadia University, graduating in 2021. She has applied what she has learned to her activist work in her community. By analyzing different systems and governments, she has been able to see the problems present in her community and is actively playing a role in fixing it. Humna was first inspired to get involved in politics and activism in her early teens, and since then she has played a large role in her hometown. Humna was also president of Girl Up, a United Nations organization, which advocates for women’s rights and lobbies for support from local politicians. During Fall 2019, Humna spent her semester abroad in London interning with a Member of Parliament. Working for Member of Parliament Dawn Butler, she was able to work heavily for the Labour party and with other Members of Parliament. Humna worked on Dawn Butler’s reelection campaign resulting in her win.

    School Name: Arcadia University

    Sponsor: Zehra Attari Memorial Scholarship|UC Irvine Muslim Alumni Association

    LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/humnarub/

    Recipient Type: Scholarship Recipient