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  • Name: Irteza Binte-Farid

    Recipient Year: 2014

    Major: Education Policy and Management

    Description: Irteza Binte-Farid graduated from Stanford University with a B.A. in History and a minor in Political Science. Originally from Bangladesh and having grown up in Charlottesville, Virginia, Irteza is proud to be a Bengali Muslim American. Irteza’s passion for history and politics motivated her to co-found the Stanford Journal of Muslim Affairs. Irteza hopes to promote further academic discussion about issues pertaining to Muslims around the world, in all academic fields. Irteza also presented her research on “Teacher Education Residency Programs” before the Senate HELP Committee when she took an education policy course through the Stanford in Washington internship program. Her interests in issues of college access, educational equity, and multiculturalism prompted Irteza to join a Master’s Program in Education Policy and Management in the Harvard Graduate School of Education in 2014, of which she is a graduate. 

    School Name: Stanford University

    Sponsor: Syed Ibrahim Memorial fund for the Greater Boston Region

    LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/irteza-binte-farid-23567319/

    Recipient Type: Scholarship Recipient