ISF Giving Circles bring together small groups of women with a heart for giving and community to help support young American Muslim leaders who are dedicated to making a difference.

What is a Giving Circle?

ISF Giving Circles offer a unique opportunity for individuals to come together to seriously impact their community by supporting young American Muslim leaders who are helping further our mission. ISF scholarship recipients are at the forefront of change and progress in America as policymakers, government representatives, journalists and media professionals, legal professionals, and inspiring young filmmakers - together ensuring that we write our own stories, amplify our voices, and secure a seat at the table where policy and public opinion is formed.

How Does it Work?

ISF Giving Circles are established by local community members who are passionate about the ISF Mission and excited to share it and invite others to join this important work. 

Frequency - Giving Circles can meet annually, bi-annually, quarterly, or even monthly. It’s up to the Giving Circle Host to decide what works best for them and their circle of friends. Giving Circles are only required to host one meet-up per year.

Area of Support - Giving Circles may decide whether they want to focus on supporting a single ISF vertical (film, media, law, or policy), a single scholarship recipient, filmmaker, intern, or fellow, or create a general circle of support that addresses a different vertical each meeting and raises funds for the overall success of the mission.

Activities - Giving Circles will typically include a digital presentation and discussion about ISF’s areas of focus or recipient they are supporting, discussion and a vote about what program or recipient to support, as well as refreshments via a potluck, brunch, or tea/coffee. Some Giving Circles may choose to add a beneficial social element to their meet-ups, such as a book club, discussion of current events, an ISF film screening, volunteer event, etc.

Is a Giving Circle right for me?

Giving Circles are open to any individual in the US interested in furthering ISF's work. If you are passionate about increasing representation for American Muslims in media and government to improve public policy and public opinion, a Giving Circle is a great place to maximize your impact.

What are the personal benefits?

  • Increased Impact: Giving Circles enable individuals to have a more substantial impact with their giving by joining forces with other community members who are passionate about the same causes. Giving Circles also allow you to have more focused charitable giving, whether you choose a single field to promote like Muslims in Law or you choose to sponsor a single student in a particular field.


  • Connecting with Like-Minded Women: Giving Circles offer an opportunity to make new friends who share your values. Promoting and supporting a cause you believe in is not only spiritually satisfying but also a much more rewarding experience when shared with others. 

What are the Circle benefits?

  • Special Access: Giving Circles receive exclusive access to special ISF events, as well as scheduled film screenings, meet and greets, and members-only volunteer opportunities. 
  • Special Recognition: The lead Giving Circle is mentioned in our Annual Report and across social media, as well as announced at our Annual Banquet each year, and receives a special award. 
  • Sponsored Scholarship: The lead Giving Circle receives a special scholarship in their Circle Name each year to sponsor the vertical of their choice. 
  • Expense Reimbursement: Giving Circle leads receive up to $500/yr reimbursement for expenses related to Giving Circle events and fundraising. (restrictions apply)

  • Exclusive Swag: Giving Circle Member receives a Welcome Gift with exclusive ISF Giving Circle Swag!

How can I start a Giving Circle?

Reach out to our Development Manager, Angelica Malik, via email at to learn more or fill out the form below.

Giving Circle Leads are provided with all the materials and resources they need to operate their own Giving Circles successfully. They only take about an hour to set up. Get started today!