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  • Name: Omar Regan

    Recipient Year: 2020

    Sponsor: ISF Film Grant

    Link to Trailer:

    Name of Film: Islah Academy

    Description: Omar Regan was born and raised in Detroit, MI.  He started writing songs at the age of 9, and debuted on the professional music scene along with his brother as a member of the group S.O.A.  In 2001 Regan was offered and accepted the role as Photo Double for Chris Tucker in Rush Hour 2. In 2005 Regan was on the main stage at The World Famous Comedy Store in Hollywood. Soon after Regan appeared on E!’s reality series, “Fight for Fame”. Regan is internationally known, winning over audiences as far as England, Ireland, Scotland, South Africa, Australia, China, Malaysia, Zimbabwe, Saudi Arabia, Dubai and more. He has appeared in films including “Internet Dating” alongside Katt Williams and “Life is Hot in Cracktown”. Regan has now founded his own production company HALALYWOOD, and uses entertainment and humor to promote tolerance, diversity, and to build bridges across racial, religious, and social divides.  As an African-American Muslim entertainer, Regan offers a unique perspective on everyday life.