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  • Name: Ali Al-Arian

    Recipient Year: 2019

    Sponsor: ISF Film Grant

    Name of Film: Sublime Madness

    Bio: His “End of Racism” Comedy and Lecture tour voted 2 times “Best Diversity Act” on college campuses, is critically acclaimed, and recognized as an industry standard for being tough, honest, and brilliantly funny voice on the conversation of race, diversity, and understanding in the world.  Making you laugh and think, Moss is master thinker, craftsman, and storyteller. His comedy is a reminder of the lost old school art of “comedy as protest, and enlightenment.” Engagement is undeniable. Known as the founder of “Allah Made Me Funny”- The Official Muslim Comedy Tour, Preacher Moss is recognized as the “poor righteous teacher” from his days as a veteran performer coming up in the comedy industry, and college lecture circuit.  So…park yourself on the corner of laugh and think. Share a little time with the comedic stylings of your brother, The Mighty Preacher Moss.