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  • Name: Queen Ali Muhammad

    Recipient Year: 2017

    Sponsor: ISF Film Grant

    Link to Trailer:

    Name of Film: Comin' Up Short

    Description: Queen Muhammad Ali is a film director, multimedia activist, public speaker, visual anthropologist, television and film producer. Her interest in education led her to film-making.  Her work has been featured in Ebony Magazine, LAWeekly, Huffington Post, KTLA News Los Angeles, Washington Post, and NY Daily News. Queen has directed films in 7 countries, lectured and screened at several universities and museums. She is also the recipient of several distinguished awards. A founding member of the nationally distributed magazine, Nation19, Queen published the magazine to raise awareness on Hip Hop advocacy and historic inaccuracies affecting indigenous and black communities. Queen’s name is not by accident. Her Great Grandfather is Paramount Chief (King) Tuli Le’iato of American Samoa whose letters to President Kennedy are on display at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum.

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