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  • Name: Shireen Alihaji

    Recipient Year: 2017|2021

    Sponsor: ISF Film Grant

    Link to Trailer:

    Name of Film: Blue Veil

    Description: Shireen is a Latinx, Iranian, Muslim, Disabled filmmaker born and raised in LA. Her revolving identities inspire her to create space through film technologies for intersections to exist & expand. She co-authored Flipping The Gaze: Restorative Filmmaking Techniques & Technologies which builds from the work of Philip Butler to unpack: What happens when we take technology such as the camera, which was historically used to oppress communities through surveillance of the harmful tropes of mainstream media, to flip the gaze and reclaim historical perspective that would otherwise be erased? What does a Muslim Future look like when we are holding the camera? Given how we remember ourselves is pivotal to our healing, her films use memory to form a counter/contra gaze that un-censors the imagination, de-internalize surveillance, and mirrors our infinite reflection. She has been featured on the Cannes List, Black List X Muslim List, and the Blue Print for Muslim Inclusion.

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