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  • Name: Shireen Alihaji

    Recipient Year: 2017|2021

    Sponsor: ISF Film Grant|Palo Alto Networks Group

    Link to Trailer:

    Name of Film: Blue Veil

    Description: Shireen Alihaji is a First Gen, Ecuadorian-Iranian, Muslim and Disabled filmmaker. Her intersections inspire her to create space through film technologies. Given how we remember is pivotal to healing, her films use memory as a central gaze to de-internalize surveillance, uncensor the imagination and mirror our infinite reflections. She Co-Authored Flipping the Gaze Restorative Filmmaking Techniques and served as Artist Support for the Islamic Scholarship Fund where she co-created Muslim-Centered film programming; an evolving framework that supports Muslim filmmakers to restore, center and define their narratives. Today, Shireen is a student of UCLA Arts Healing and is prototyping a creative lab for caregivers.

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