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Your year-end donation to ISF is an investment in a brighter future. By supporting education and career opportunities for American Muslim youth, you play a crucial role in creating a society that values diversity, inclusion, and equal opportunities for all.

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ISF is on a mission to empower American Muslim youth through leadership development and funding.

Originally a scholarship program, ISF's mission has evolved into a comprehensive cycle of support, providing opportunities in law, policy, journalism, and film. Our goal is to create a generation of leaders who can actively contribute to shaping a more inclusive and understanding society.

Your end-of-year donation can make a lasting impact on the lives of talented and deserving individuals. Help us continue our mission to empower the future leaders of our community today.

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Why Join with ISF?

Empowering Future Leaders

ISF does not just provide scholarships, it also creates diversity in key professions. Your donation supports initiatives like placing Muslim judicial interns with judges, offering bar scholarships, and placing aspiring policymakers on Capitol Hill. This diversity is essential for a more representative and just society.

Direct Career Impact

Beyond education, ISF's comprehensive cycle of support, including mentorships and career development programs, ensures that your donation has a direct impact on the careers of scholars. Your support helps them navigate critical stages in their professional journeys, leading to positive outcomes for both the individuals and their communities.

Proven Track Record

With over $3.06 million awarded in prestigious awards since 2009, ISF has a proven track record of making a difference. The achievements in law, policy, journalism, and film showcase the tangible impact of your support on the lives and careers of ISF scholars.

Together, as we turn our attention to next year, with your support we can look even further, towards a future where diversity and inclusion are celebrated.

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