Zamzam Abdi Jama-2015 Recipient


Major: Communication Studies
Degree: B.A.
School: Ohio University
Sponsor: ISF


Ph.D Candidate and Adjunct Faculty Instructor at Ohio University.

Bio: Zamzam Abdi Jama is currently a rising and thriving second year Ph.D. student at Ohio University. Her research interest focuses on the representations of Muslims and the African Diaspora as it relates to sense-making and advocacy in organizational and intercultural communicative contexts. Particularly, how organizations can better relate and communicate to Muslim and African audiences.  Zamzam strongly believes that academic inquiry in the field of critical voice and embodied narratives provide avenues in which better understanding and representations of Islam and Muslims may be possible.

Zamzam graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies at Texas A&M University, a Second Bachelor of Arts in Communication Theory at Texas State University, and a Master of Arts in Communication Studies focused on Organizational Communication from Texas State University. She has also recently completed an Internship with UNICEF in Sudan under the Department of Communication for Development.

When Zamzam is not conducting research or teaching, you can often find her assisting the Forensic Speech and Debate Program at Ohio University, speaking at advocacy seminars, or actively participating in intercultural organizations on campus.

Areas of Interest:
Narratives, Advocacy and Social Justice

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