Zainab Badi – 2017 Recipient

Major: Public Policy
Degree: MPP
School: UCLA
Safia Noor Memorial Fund



Message to Supporters:

I cannot thank you enough for your generous sponsorship through the Islamic Scholarship Fund. Your gift will help me in my pursuit of a Masters of Public Policy at UCLA this fall, a major milestone in my educational and professional career. To give you some background on myself- I am a first generation Pakistani American who is passionate about addressing inequities in public policy. I currently work for a labor union that represents long-term care workers in the state of California. Many of our union’s members are women of color, and have been largely overlooked by the decision-makers that represent them. Their stories bear a parallel to my own, and I hope that through my education I can work towards policies that allow for more inclusion and access to marginalized communities. My work involves work on legislation and many visits to the California State Capitol, where I am often the only Muslim in the room at hearings and in meetings with elected officials. I hope that with the help of this scholarship, my education will propel me to a position of leadership in public office, and work to bring more Muslim voices into policy-making. Thank you again for supporting my dream.

: Zainab will be starting a Master’s Degree in Public Policy at UCLA in September 2017. After graduating with a degree in International Studies-Political Science from UC San Diego in 2014 she completed a public policy fellowship at the Greenlining Institute, sparking her interest in pursuing a career in policy-making. Zainab currently works for a labor union that advocates for long-term care workers in California, and is passionate about economic and racial justice. She hopes to study the impact of economic policies on communities of color, and create equitable and sustainable policies in the future.

Areas of Interest:
Urban Poverty, Local Politics and Government, Economic Development, Environmental Policy

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