Zahra Moeini-2015 Recipient

Zahra Moeini

Major: Philosophy (Islamic Philosophy)
Degree: M.A.
School: University of Chicago
Sponsor: Yaseen Foundation 


Zahra Moeini Meybodi is a second year Master’s student at University of Chicago’s Divinity School. Her research interests revolve around the Islamic intellectual tradition, especially as it has been expressed in the Arabic and Persianate literature of the classical and modern eras. They include exploration into the theopoetics as well as philosophies of language per Muslim scholarship.

Before moving to Chicago for her studies, Zahra was extensively involved in planning and participating in activities pertaining to the Muslim community in NYC. The programs included organizing cultural, educational, and religious programs for the youth in English and Persian, as well as presentation of her own poems, often inspired by her personal love of Persian poetry and arts. She has also worked as a project director and an editor for works by several prominent Muslim artists and musicians.

Zahra plans to further develop her research interests in the Islamic literary and intellectual tradition by pursuing a PhD in the near future.


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