Somayeh 110x130Somayeh Nikooei

Senior Director of Programs and Operations

Somayeh is the Director of Operations of the Islamic Scholarship Fund, ISF. She has an B.A. in architectural  design from the University of Berkeley. Prior to accepting her position at ISF, she was the Principal of Farsi Andeesheh School at the Islamic Cultural Center of Northern California. She has been an active member of the  Muslim community for over 15 years. She speaks three languages and enjoys volunteering with non-profits, yoga,  painting, reading, cooking, hiking and biking with her two daughters and husband.

iman 110x130Iman Kamal Zawahry

Director of Film Grant

Iman Zawahry was born in Panama City, Florida in 1980. To get through the mundane and interesting societal norms of Panama City, Iman and her friends used movies and their young imagination to pass the time. They created spoof productions of the Arsenio Hall show and 90210, complete with full commercial breaks in between. In 1998, she moved to Gainesville, FL to attend the University of Florida where she received a BA in Religion and Near Eastern Languages and Cultures. Upon graduation Iman worked with Bridges TV, the first American Muslim Television network, as a free-lance journalist. In 2006 Iman attended Florida State University Film School and directed three short films, of which “Tough Crowd” was awarded an Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Student Emmy Award and the Ft. Lauderdale International Film Festival Award of Merit. “Tough Crowd” has also been accepted to over 15 film festivals around the country.  In 2008 Iman was awarded the Princess Grace Award and is in currently finishing her fourth film in the fall. Iman is ISF’s first Film Scholarship Recipient.

Zainab 110x130
Zainab Khan

Communications and Media  Strategist

Zainab Khan is the founder of Mozzified, Muslim Pop Culture ( She studied Multimedia at UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism. In the past and is currently working for AJ+.  She has written for several American-Muslim publications including The Islamic Monthly, Patheos AltMuslim, and AltMuslimah.

Before moving to California, Zainab worked in marketing, as a paralegal, and on several local political campaigns in Chicago. She received her BA in History and Middle Eastern Studies from Wesleyan University in Middletown, CT. In 2014, Zainab was awarded an ISF scholarship for her achievements in the field of journalism.

hani-110 130Hani Kharufeh

 Web/Graphic Designer 

Hani Kharufeh is a student at the University of California, Berkeley. He is currently majoring in Economics and Near Eastern Studies with an emphasis on Arabic. Hani has over five years experience in web and graphic design, Aside from community development, Hani is very passionate about the Palestinian cause and unity in the Muslim world.