Sohaira Siddiqui-2011 Recipient

sohaira_siddiqui_ 150x150Sohaira Siddiqui

Major: Religious Studies
Degree: PhD

School: University of California-Santa Barbara
Sponsor: Yaseen Foundation 

Sohaira Siddiqui is a PhD student at the University of California-Santa Barbara where she is currently a Rowny Fellow researching the development of Classical Islamic Political Thought in theological and juridical texts between the 3rd and 7th centuries. After completing her undergraduate degrees at the University of Washington in Islamic Studies, Political Science and English, she was awarded a travel grant for two years of Arabic and Islamic Studies in Jordan and Egypt. Thereafter she completed a one year diploma course at the Cambridge Muslim College in Cambridge, England. Sohaira has also been actively involved in both the Muslim and non-Muslim community working and volunteering for a variety of local and national organizations such as MSA, SunniPath, SeekersGuidance, Travelling Light, CAIR, World Affairs Council and the Refugee Women’s Alliance. She currently serves as the Strategic Curriculum Advisor for Fawakih Institute for Arabic and Islamic studies. Aside from her primary interests in Classical Islamic Political Thought, she is also researching the development of Western Political Thought, Secularism and Modernity. Sohaira’s current research involves mapping the progress of Islamic Political Thought in the 3rd century while concomitantly working on translating a forgotten text of Political Thought by Imam al-Juwayni.

Sohaira’s Message to Supporters:
I would like to extend my sincere thanks to all of those who have continued to support ISF through their generous financial donations, as well as, their contribution of time and effort. The burgeoning American Muslim community is at a crucial time in its development, and future holistic growth necessitates dedicated Muslim professionals present in all sectors of society. ISF is a groundbreaking initiative which seeks to support young Muslim professionals who are establishing themselves in fields where traditionally Muslims have been underrepresented. It is through both diverse and collaborative efforts that the Muslim community will continue to grow and bring about positive social change. I hope that the Islamic Scholarship Fund continues to flourish through its dedicated volunteers, its generous donors and the duas of the Muslim community. Ameen.

Sohaira Siddiqui is an Assistant Professor of Theology at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service in Qatar. She also serves on the ISF Selection Committee.

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