Sohabe Mojaddidy-2013 Recipient

sohabe 150x150Sohabe Mojaddidy

Major: Islamic Law, Arabic, Theology
Degree: B.A.
School: Zaytuna College
Sponsor: Zaytuna College


My families’ treacherous journey to America still plays a critical role in shaping my identity. My father holds a profound passion for the Islamic Sciences . In fact, it was his passion for Islamic studies, ethics, and morality that compelled him to reject the false dogma and bigotry of heretical political ideologies In Afghanistan during the 1970s. Although his passion for an Islamic conception of justice has been rekindled in a new country, it still brightly shines through his posterity.

In a globalized world where our ethical consciousness is often diluted and corrupted by political and economic interest, our communities desperately find themselves in dire need of committed intellectual and spiritual leaders. Reconstructing our educational institutions and our civic priorities ought to be imperative in rectifying this existential crisis. By serving humanity, utilizing educational resources, and maintaining morally committed to social justice, I believe I can help create a better community, country, and most importantly, a better world.

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