Shireen Alihaji- 2017 Film Grant Recipient

Film Category: Narrative
Film: “Blue Veil”
Please see Shireen’s acceptance speech here. 

Shireen has began pre-production for the film and has had some press for projects that are related to the topic of the film:

Bio: Shireen Alihaji is a documentary filmmaker from Los Angeles covering social issues such gender equality, labor rights, environmental justice, hate crimes, services for disabled individuals, capital punishment, transportation equity, healthcare reform, human trafficking, and immigration. She grew up in the mosque as a student of the Islamic Center of Southern California and today volunteers the at Women’s Mosque of America. Shireen believes that the tradition of storytelling restores justice in affirming one’s experience and reflecting back narratives that makes spaces for others to exist.

As a child of dual-ethnic and dual-faith upbringing, she seeks to create environments that provide modes of existence for disenfranchised identities. You can read more about her work here:

Areas of Interest:

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