Sharif Abdullah Rosen-2012 Recipient

sharif-rosen-small 150x150Sharif Abdullah Rosen

Major: Education
Degree: MA
School: Michigan State University
Sponsor: Islamic Network Group


Born and raised in Southern California, Sharif Abdullah Rosen embraced Islam in 2002 while an undergraduate at Loyola Marymount University.  He went on to found the Muslim Student Association there and was actively involved in the campus’ interfaith forums.   From 2006  – 2008, Sharif led outreach and fundraising efforts for the UMMA Clinic in Los Angeles, the first Muslim American founded charitable clinic in the United States.   There, he helped the institution achieve national recognition and support for its ground-breaking health care services.   The experience at UMMA Clinic impacted Sharif deeply; ultimately inspiring him to further explore the richness and beauty of Islam.

With this goal, Sharif moved to Amman, Jordan in December 2008 to embark on Arabic and Islamic studies, while also accepting a director-level position at the Qasid Arabic Institute.   At Qasid, he heads student services and has simultaneously completed the institute’s Classical Arabic program. Today, he continues his Islamic studies with traditional scholars in a range of subjects.  Sharif’s current projects include translating foundational, practical texts in Islamic law.  He has recently started the longer term work of producing an abridged translation of Ibn Rajab al Hanbali’s classic manual of virtuous works, “Lataif al Ma’arif”.

In 2011, Sharif began a masters program at Michigan State University concentrating on Education Leadership.  With his unique blend of experience in the non-profit sector, educational management and Islamic studies, Sharif plans to return to the United States to serve the growth of Muslim American educational institutions that produce individuals characterized by prophetic ethics, perpetual awareness and love of God, and a commitment to sustaining the vibrant legacy of traditional Islam.

Sharif’s  Message to Supporters:
At a time when higher education is increasingly inaccessible, your donations to ISF are crucial to helping facilitate the ambitious goals of Muslim Americans who aspire to make major contributions within our community and beyond.   Not only does your assistance help me continue my pursuit of a masters degree in Education at Michigan State University, it helps ISF nurture the growth of future scholars and leaders in the liberal and creative arts — areas where our community has so much to offer.

Please accept my gratitude and thanks.  May Allah reward you for your generous support.

Sharif graduated in 2016 from the Hartford Seminary and  is  the Muslim Chaplain and Assistant Director at the Center for Learning in Action.

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