Seyed Mahdi Ghazvini-2015 Recipient

Seyed Mahdi

Major: Islamic Studies and Leadership
Degree: M.A.
School: Bayan Claremont
Sponsor: Bayan Claremont Scholarship



Bio: Seyed Mahdi was born into a scholarly family originating in Karbala, Iraq. He was raised in Southern California and graduated from City of Knowledge Islamic School in Pomona, CA. After completing high school, he travelled to Qum, Iraq to complete his formal religious education and training in the Islamic Seminary. Recently, upon returning to the United States, he began pursuing his Master’s Degree in Islamic Studies and Leadership at Bayan Claremont, Claremont School of Theology.

Seyed Mahdi regularly travels around North America and Europe to spread the teachings of Islam among Muslim communities. His focus is on youth empowerment and mentorship. Locally, he is actively engaged with the interfaith and intrafaith communities.

He has currently completed one year of Masters studies, and plans to complete entirely within another year. After graduation, he plans to continue pursuing his higher education inshAllah.

Areas of Interest:
Islamic Studies

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