Samuel Ross-2014 Recipient

Samuel 150x150

Major: Islamic Studies
Degree: Ph.D.
School: Yale University
Sponsor: ISF


Samuel Ross is a PhD Candidate in Islamic Studies at Yale University. Prior to attending Yale he taught Arabic Grammar and Islamic Texts at the Qasid Institute for Arabic in Amman, Jordan (2007-2011) and worked as a Contributing Editor for Islamica Magazine(2006-2008). While living in Jordan, he also studied on a part-time basis Islamic law, Islamic theology, hadith, hadith criticism, and tafsir with local teachers.

At Yale his research has focused on the Qur’an, tafsir, the Bible, and Muslim-Jewish-Christian relations.

His most recent project has been organizing and directing a week-long summer enrichment institute for teachers hosted by Yale University entitled “Worlds of Islam: Regional Perspectives on Unity and Diversity.” The institute drew top scholars from across the United States to share their expertise and teaching advice with community college, high school, and middle school teachers who cover Islam and the Muslim World in their classrooms.

He hopes to pursue a career as a university professor in order to realize his passions of research, teaching, and writing.

He is grateful to ISF’s donors for their generosity and helping to make his studies possible.


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