Samia Hossain-2012 Recipient

Samia Akhter Hossain 150x150Samia  Hossain

Major: Law
Degree: JD
School: University of California Berkeley
Sponsor: CAL Muslim Alumni Association


Samia Hossain is a second-year student at UC Berkeley School of Law, where she is the co-coordinator of the Civil Rights Outreach Project.  This student-run clinic offers Know Your Rights presentations in the San Francisco Bay Area to communities affected by post-9/11 discrimination and profiling.  Samia is also an active member of the South Asian Law Students Association and the Boalt Muslim Students Association.  She graduated magna cum laude from the University of Texas at Dallas with a degree in International Political Economy.  After college, Samia spent a year in Cairo, Egypt as a Fulbright Scholar studying Arabic and teaching conflict mediation skills to refugee communities.  She spent weeks on the Egypt-Libya border during the Arab uprisings as a volunteer interpreter with the United Nations, helping Bangladeshi laborers fleeing Libya obtain medical care, food, and shelter.  In summer 2012, Samia worked with the ACLU’s Center for Democracy in New York working on cases related to NYPD surveillance of mosques, targeted killings in Yemen, and labor trafficking on U.S. military bases.  Samia plans to continue building her legal skills to work as a future civil rights attorney and professional advocate for the Muslim ummah.

Samia’s Message to Supporters:
I would like to thank ISF and the Cal Muslim Alumni Association for their support in helping me defray the costs of my legal education.  Efforts to support Muslim students’ advancement in the law, politics, and media are critical to the well-being of our community.  I hope that ISF will inspire further initiatives to support young Muslims’ educations, inshaAllah.

Samia is currently a Judicial Law Clerk at the U.S. District Court for Eastern District of New York.

2016 Update:
Samia Hossain is a Research and Writing Attorney at Federal Public Defender.

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