Salwa Shameem-2014 Recipient

Major: Public Policy
Degree: M.P.P.
School: University of Chicago
Sponsor: Foundation for Intelligent Giving  (FIG)


Salwa Shameem is a graduate of the University of Illinois at Chicago where she studied economics and political science. Her research interests in development economics and foreign policy led her to the Clinton Global Initiative University in 2012 where she presented her research on foreign aid effectiveness. She was selected to serve as a HIA Fellow in Paris, France and a finalist of the CNN Bernard Shaw Prize at her undergraduate institution.

She will be attending the University of Chicago to pursue a Master’s in Public Policy to study international development economics to understand the ways in which policy creation and evaluation can impact poverty alleviation in various global and domestic communities. Ultimately, she aims to work within the development sector of the United Nations, federal government, or NGO as a consultant. She also hopes to serve as an analyst for a major news network contributing to issues related to human rights and foreign policy.


2015: Salwa worked with USAID as a policy Analyst and became a staff writer for the Chicago Policy Review

2016: Salwa conducted a fact-finding mission to Vietnam with UN Women and co-authored a major UN Women report with the International Human Rights Clinic on women’s rights globally. She graduated and began working as an Associate Producer for the series The Secret Life of Muslims with Seftel Productions. She also works in consulting.



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