Salina Nasir – 2017 Recipient

Major: Journalism
Degree: M.J.
School: UC Berkeley
Ghulam and Arifa Azad Family



Message to Supporters:
As I prepare myself for a future in journalism, it should be simple for me to write this message to you. But truth be told, I’m so excited and so moved by your support that I’m having a tough time searching for the right words to express my sincere gratitude! Thank you is not enough.
You support will allow me to pursue my passion in confidence. Even though journalism is an industry under attack, your belief in my education reaffirms my understanding that journalism is still a noble field worth pursuing and that journalists must preserve–even amidst threats and being considered  “enemies of the people” by the president of our very own country.

My goal is to reestablish the significance of journalism and to use my words as tools to expose injustice and remind the civil society that we all have the power to influence governmental policy. I wish to use journalism as an avenue to reach communities near and far and to bring to light the forgotten stories of marginalized, vulnerable people worldwide. This scholarship helps me do just that, and I’m beyond excited to get started.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I can’t wait to tell stories that make you proud!

Bio: In the fall of 2017, Salina will begin her first year at UC Berkeley’s J-School, where she intends to focus her studies on the concentration of New Media. She is interested mostly in advocacy and awareness-building and focuses on using her background in journalism as a means to bring to light pressing issues that deserve society’s attention. During her senior year of undergrad, Salina served as the Editor-in-Chief of her university’s newspaper where she ran a weekly column, “Know Justice Know Peace,” which was recognized by the Society of Professional Journalists and awarded the Mark of Excellence honor in 2015. She has written extensively on topics concerning governmental policy and human rights–from illegal occupations and drone warfare to police brutality and media duplicity. She has also worked closely with human rights organizations such as Amnesty International,, and Embracelets Connect. Prior to arriving at the J-School, Salina will be spending her summer as a volunteer working with refugees on the Greek island of Leros. She cares deeply for asylum-seekers and displaced persons and intends to bring back their stories in an effort to humanize an otherwise politicized topic. Salina’s goal is to always emphasize the human impact behind every news headline–and to remind the civil society that journalists are, in fact, not “enemies of the people.”

Areas of Interest:

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