Reem Javed-2011 Recipient

Reem Javed

Major: Islamic Law and Theology
Degree: B.A.
School: Zaytuna College
Sponsor: Zaytuna College

Reem graduated from Zaytuna and is a graduate student at the Graduate Theological Union.

Reem’s Message to Supporters:
Bismillah. A solid understanding of faith through the example of the Prophet (peace and blessings upon him) is a necessary first step in the life of every Muslim. With this in place, all other endeavors of knowledge can be enjoined upon with a sound heart. When people truly understand who they are and where they are going, the strength in their conviction allows them to succeed in any pursuit of knowledge, whether it is science, law, or the humanities. However, the strength in faith is a prerequisite to any study.
I deeply appreciate the support offered through this scholarship as I work to actualize my goal of studying Islam from within the tradition, taught by scholars who model faith in their character. Being at Zaytuna has truly been an honor, and I would like to eventually be able to share the gems of what I have learned as I work to pursue a graduate career in Islamic Studies.
May Allah reward you generously for allowing ISF recipients to increase Muslim representation in areas where we lack significant presence. Jazakum Allah khair.

Bio: Reem Javed will be a 2nd year student at Zaytuna College, pursuing a degree in Islamic Law and Theology. Reem previously holds a BS in Biological Sciences from UC Davis, and a MS in Chemistry from San Diego State University, having graduated with honors from both schools. After working at a pharmaceutical company for nearly two years, she left her career in 2008 in order to pursue her dream of studying the Islamic Sciences. She was a student at the Zaytuna Arabic Intensive both in 2008 and 2009, and continued to study Arabic through Zaytuna’s year-long courses. After studying Arabic, Urdu, and Islam formally and informally, Reem was accepted into the inaugural class at Zaytuna College in the Fall of 2010. Reem has also done extensive volunteer work at both Zaytuna and the Ta’leef Collective in the Bay Area, where she was able to gain experience in addressing the needs of the community. Her goal is to pursue graduate studies in Islam, specializing in religious education and spiritual counseling.

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