Raza Naqvi-2014 Recipient

Raza 150

Major: Journalism
Degree: M.A.
School: Columbia University
Sponsor: Waqar & Farrukh Jaffery Scholarship in Journalism


Raza Naqvi has been a TV producer, reporter, and host with the Voice of America (VOA). His work has appeared on Pakistan’s Geo News, HUM TV, and Express 24/7. He also reported for CNN and The Washington Times.

Much of his reporting has focused on the Muslim-American experience–from interviewing Donald Rumsfeld on the impact of America’s foreign policy after 9/11, to a documentary about a Muslim rapper from Detroit. He has hosted a current affairs talk show connecting opinion makers from the US and Pakistan, and created a weekly infotainment program covering everything from domestic violence to zombies.

Naqvi graduated from Ohio Wesleyan University, and is currently enrolled at the Columbia Journalism School. He hopes to continue covering the Muslim-American community, particularly through the documentary film medium.

Time permitting, he also hopes to revive his cricket blog.

Raza is an Associate Producer at VICE Media.

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