Orubba Almansouri-2014 Recipient

Orubba 150x150

Major: English Literature
Degree: B.A.
School: The City College of New York
Sponsor: ISF


Words, written and spoken helped ease my culture shock transition from life in Yemen, to High School in New York. As a practicing Muslim who is passionate about writing and literature I was not surprised to learn that Allah’s second creation was the pen. The pen that has grown to become my number one companion. Currently, I am an undergraduate Mellon Fellow at the City College of New York, majoring in English Literature and minoring in History.This summer i joined the CUNY Graduate Center’s Pipeline program and continued my graduate level research on Yemeni literature and oral traditions. My passion for literature and Middle Eastern culture allowed me to draw on my fluency in Arabic and knowledge of Yemeni culture to start my journey in tracing  the history of women’s contributions to and roles in oral traditions and cultures of the Middle East.  I aspire to earn doctoral degree in Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies, and bring forth with my colleagues the beauty of Arabic literature and Middle Eastern and Islamic culture.

Orubba is a Mellon Mays Fellow at The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and Colin Powell Leadership and Public Service Fellow.

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