Nuri Friedlander-2012 Recipient

Nuri Friedlander 150x150Nuri Friedlander 

Major: Religious Studies 
Degree: PhD
School: Harvard UniversitySimmons College
Sponsor: Ibrahim Syed Memorial Fund for the Greater Boston Region

Nuri Friedlander was raised in New York City and then Cairo Egypt where he moved when he was fifteen years old. It was in Cairo that he began studying Arabic and Islamic studies. After spending 13 years in the Middle East, Nuri returned to the U.S. to begin a Phd in Study of Religion at Harvard University where he is currently researching Islamic law and ethics. In 2010 he was asked to serve as a visiting chaplain for the Harvard Islamic Society. Through his work as a chaplain Nuri discovered a passion for working with people as well as texts, which has led him to embark on a Master’s degree in clinical social work at Simmons College. Nuri is the co-founder of, a website that looks at Islamic law, ethics, and the treatment of animals.

Nuri’s Message to Supporters:
I am honored to have been selected for the ISF-Ibrahim Syed Memorial Scholarship for the Great Boston Region. I made Boston my home 5 years ago when I returned to the U.S. to go to graduate school and found vibrant Muslim communities that are welcoming both to long term residents as well as to students who may just be passing through. I look forward to the opportunities to continue to expand the ways that I serve here which this scholarship affords me.

Nuri is currently working on his dissertation.

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