Nour Coudsi-2016 Recipient

Major: Media Studies and Journalism
Degree: B.A.
School: University of California, Berkeley
Sponsor: Abdul Sattar Rydhan Media Scholarship


Nour Coudsi studies Media Studies and Journalism at the University of California, Berkeley. Born and raised in Damascus, Syria, she moved to California when she lost access to her university due to the war in Syria.
As a Muslim and a Syrian-American media studies student , she holds herself accountable to do the best she can to better the representation of Muslims and refugees in the media. The negative rhetoric used in most media outlets, the many stories that are gone untold, and the lack of deployment of social media to call to action during the refugee crisis, push her every day to progress in her area of study in order to implement the right changes.

Nour is participating in UC Berkeley’s exchange program at London College of Communication this September where she will study multimedia journalism. At London, she hopes to gain new production skills as well as work with the refugee community in the United Kingdom.

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