Nora Fahima Zaki-2012 Recipient

Nora Fahima Zaki 150x150Nora Fahima Zaki

Major: Triple majoring in Political Science, Religion and Arabic
Degree: B.A.
School: University of Florida
Sponsor: United Voices 

Nora Zaki is a senior majoring in Arabic, Religion and Political Science at the University of Florida.  Her undergraduate Arabic thesis is on the evolution in meaning of the Qur’anic wordkhalifa from Qur’anic revelation until modern times.  Nora has studied Arabic in Fes, Morocco while living with a Moroccan family and at the world-renowned Middlebury Arabic Language School at Mills College in Oakland, CA.  She served as Vice President of External Affairs for the student group Islam on Campus during her sophomore year.  Furthermore, she has interned for the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) Tampa chapter and is active with interfaith activities in her college town, Gainesville, working especially with the Emmanuel Mennonite Church.  She intends to continue studying and eventually teach the fields of Arabic and Islamic Studies.  Nora also wants to become an active interfaith leader amongst a mosaic of faith communities in America, God willing.

Nora’s Message to Supporters:
Thank you United Voices for America for your generosity in partially funding my education.  I want to represent the Muslim community in as many proactive and positive ways as possible, and I believe being a student in the liberal arts field is one very important way.  Thank you for helping American Muslim students pursue their goals in order to better our society in diverse fields that will hopefully influence public policy and public opinion.

Nora is attending the University of Chicago and is the Interfaith Student Chaplain at Dominican University.

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