Muhammad Ali-2016 Recipient

Muhammad Ali books pic 150x150Major:  Master of Divinity – Islamic Chaplaincy
Degree: M.A.
School: Bayan Claremont
Sponsor:  Bayan Claremont



Hajj Muhammad Ali will be attending Bayan Claremont. Muhammad is currently a Muslim Chaplain in California State Prison. This summer, he graduates from Thomas Edison State University with a degree in Psychology. His senior project investigated the effects of spiritual care and religious programs on the lives of inmates during and after their prison term. He also holds a certification in Clinical Pastoral Education from UCSF Medical Center after a year-long residency program in which he ministered to hospital patients of all faiths. Hajj Muhammad is the son of African-American converts to Islam. He has a long history of Arabic and Islamic education beginning as a child at the American Institute for Quranic Studies in Blanco, Texas. As an adult, he has dedicated his young life to learning and teaching Islam as taught by the Prophet Muhammad and his Holy Household.Muhammad also enjoys the support of a loving wife and the task of raising four young children.

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