Mohammad Ali-2009 Recipient

Mohammad Mehdi Ali 150x150 (1)Mohammad Ali

Major: International Relations (Specialization Islamic History); Sociology
Year: Bachelor of Arts and Masters
School: Stanford
Sponsor: ISF


Ali received his law degree from Stanford and is currently working for a law firm in the Bay Area.

Ali’s Message to Supporters:
I am very thankful for this scholarship opportunity–it is a wonderful initiative, and will help young Muslims aspire to do great things.

Bio: Mohammad Ali is currently a senior majoring in International Relations at Stanford University. At Stanford, he is currently acting as president of MSAN [Muslim Students Awareness Network] and has been elected to serve as a senator by the Stanford student body. He loves to read & write fiction, study classical Arabic, and play basketball. In the future, he hopes to work as a civil-rights lawyer to help empower the Muslim community.

Areas of Interest: Theology



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