Meral Kocak-2015 Recipient

Major: Islamic Law and Theology
Degree: M.A.
School: Harvard Divinity School
Sponsor: South Bay Islamic Association (SBIA) 


J.D. Student at Georgetown Law Center interested in International Arbitration, FCPA, and Project Finance.

Bio: Meral Kocak grew up in Australia and moved to the US in 2009. She graduated from the University of Melbourne in in 2015 where she majored in Anthropology, focusing on the Middle East. She is currently beginning her Master of Theoligical Studies at the Harvard Divinity School, concentrating on Religion, Ethics, and Politics. She is interested in Islamic and European intellectual history and aims to investigate modern piety movements and the ways that Islamic history, ontological categories, and moral codes provide a language for navigating the world. She is particularly fascinated by the semiotics of images circulated by media networks to proliferate ideals of religious sentiment and belonging. Upon the completion of her Masters studies, she aims to complete a JD and a PhD in Islamic law and anthropology. Outside of the classroom, Meral is passionate about social justice issues and traveling.

Areas of Interest:
Islamic Law

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