Mahdi Al Husseini-2016 Recipient

Mahdi Al Husein
Major: Public Policy
Degree: B.S.
School: Georgia Institute of Technology

Sponsor: ISF


Mahdi Al Husseini is an undergraduate senior at the Georgia Institute of Technology majoring in Public Policy and Biomedical Engineering, with a minor in Leadership Studies. He is a certified professional in human relations (PHR) and an associate of project management (CAPM). Mahdi was born in Makkah, Saudi Arabia and raised in suburban Atlanta, Georgia. He is passionate about municipal civic action, youth engagement in politics, religion’s role in the national dialogue, and epistemology. Additionally,Mahdi has spoken on restructuring the K-12 learning process at a variety of venues, including TEDxYouth@Franklin and Georgia Tech’s Martin Luther King Celebration.
A testament to the love for his hometown of Douglasville, Mahdi is blessed to have organized three annual TEDxDouglasville nonprofit events, and is currently working towards the establishment of the Douglas Youth Department (DYD). By establishing a county youth department, Mahdi hopes to empower local youth by legitimizing youth-led initiatives, matching youth to city projects, and developing a youth resource center with physical presence in downtown Douglasville.
When not breakdancing with the Georgia Tech Tekstyles dance crew, Mahdi spends his time writing poetry on Islam and nature, and conjuring up musical pieces on the piano. Mahdi is also a U.S. Army ROTC contracted cadet, and intends to serve four years on active duty following a Spring 2018 graduation.

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